Since September 2016, we have been welcoming students from Years 5 and 6 at Rawdon Littlemoor to Trinity Church on Friday afternoons for a variety of activities. We collect them from school at 3.15pm and transport them via a walking bus to Trinity where they stay until 5.00pm

We have over 20 girls and boys on our register and usually there are over 16 in attendance each week. A rota of willing volunteers provide the young people with toast, jam and peanut butter, washed down with juice prior to games and craft activities, indoor games (including skittles, table tennis and Subbuteo) and even outdoor rounders, when the weather allows!

In so doing, it is our hope to present our Church as a welcoming place, where we can share friendship and fellowship between people of different ages and backgrounds and demonstrate something of God’s love to all. Almost always, we finish with “Quiet Time” which permits us to reflect, to celebrate and even to commiserate with those in our temporary care. We hope that next September some, if not all of these young people will maintain their connection with us through a thus re-invigorated  Drop-Inn.

For more information contact us through the administrator.