Church members, attendees and hirers have authorized access to church premises for specific purposes.
For the safety and security of all concerned it is very important to recognize that uninvited / unexpected visitors should not be permitted to wander freely around Church premises and grounds. Where visitors are seeking Church assistance requests should be managed in a sympathetic and safe manner.

The following procedure will assist in providing appropriate assistance whilst maintaining safety and security of everyone, including visitors, and our property.

General Procedure

At times people who are unexpected or uninvited gain access to Church premises. This can be for a number of reasons. Their intentions could be genuine or could be to harm people or premises. It is extremely important to risk assess the situation so you can act appropriately and safely.

Unexpected Entry to Hall Buildings:
  • Try and keep external doors locked, especially if you are on the premises alone.
  • If you need to answer the door it is important to:° Converse with people through the glass doors without unlocking them.
    ° Request identification from the visitor, ask the purpose of their visit and who they have come to see.
    ° Risk assess the situation.
    ° If you are alone, unsure of their identity or response, or are in any doubt, do not open the door.
    ° Explain that you are unable to let the person in and politely ask them to leave.
  • If they are looking to meet someone not already on the premises or are looking for church assistance, request that they come back at a later time when other people are around.
  • If you notice anyone on the premises that you do not recognize, and you feel safe to do so, you should offer them assistance.
  • If you have any concerns about the person’s ID you should first seek another person to assist you.
  • Remain polite and courteous at all times.
During and after entry
  1. Do not let the visitor wander around the premises unaccompanied.
  2. Ensure the visitor is escorted out of the building and that they leave the premises. Ensure that they do by watching through the window.
  3. Lock the door when they have left, especially if you are alone.
  4. If they do not leave or you see any persons on site who do not identify themselves to you, you must call the police by dialing 999.
Church Assistance
  • Unexpected visitors may come into church premises seeking assistance of some kind.
  • Ensure discussions take place in an appropriate area – balance privacy needs with your own safety.
  • Listen to what they have to say and try to determine the problem.
  • Be calm, assured and polite.
  • Offer to help find appropriate support or a solution.
  • Speak gently but firmly.
  • If appropriate explain that we do not keep cash on the premises and as a matter of policy we do not give out money.
    Where appropriate offer an emergency food parcel – explain this is a one time situation and where to go for future help.

Church Contacts:

Helen Lambert
07792 810612

Ian Brocklebank
07925 136735

Emergency food parcels can be located in the vestry

Inform the Minister or Church Secretary as soon as possible.

To maintain your own safety make sure that you:
  • Seek assistance from another person immediately
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Keep a sizeable object such as a table (if appropriate and possible) between yourself and the person
  • Position yourself with a clear exit
  • Maintain a reasonable distance and do not invade personal space
  • Remove yourself from the situation if you feel threatened
  • Remember that your own safety is paramount

Note to Church Officials:

It may be appropriate to inform authorities and other Churches in the district of the circumstances of this visit.

Remember, if you feel vulnerable, threatened, unsafe or consider that an unsafe situation has arisen due to unexpected visitors at any time, you should call the police immediately by dialing 999.

List of Local Support Agencies
A A Leeds https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/
Alzheimer’s Society 0113 2311727
Careers Leeds 0113 3804300
Leeds Asylum Seekers support network 0113 3731759
Leeds City Council vulneralble adults
– report abuse
0113 2224401
Leeds City of sanctuary 0113 2243511 hello@leeds.cityofsanctuary.org
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