If you know anything about our Tristan, you will be aware of his love of food and his extraordinary ability to seek out and destroy anything put before him on a plate.

However, he also has an amazing talent for finding great offers on food and drink. One of his many successes was the establishment of the now legendary Trinity Pie Night. The history of the group is that it was borne out of a feeling of sympathy for Pete, whose family are vegetarian whilst he remains staunchly carnivorous. Tristan was worried about him not imbibing sufficient animal flesh and that he might waste away!

Now the group often numbers a dozen, who meet at The Bridge Inn in Horsforth for pint, pie, pudding (3 x p’s) and a quiz (1 x q) once a month on a Thursday night. The banter is loud, the wit fierce, the eating serious… and the performance in the quiz absolutely average! The most important thing for us, Tykes as we are (real or adopted), is that we get two pies for the price of one!

Reet gradely !

… we now even have a song, composed during lockdown and set to that much-loved, admired and musically brilliant tune of “Superglue”. Here is a taste of the “Pie Night Song”. If you like it, there are 9 more verses!


They come in all kinds o’ flavours

Chicken, beef or lamb

And if you asked them nicely

I’m sure they’d give you ‘am

“Cos it’s third Thursday o’t’month

An you know where we’ll be

We’ll be dahn at t’Bridge int’ Ossf’th –

There you’ll see!


 ‘Cos the Pie Night is

Just like Superglue

It sticks us together –

you know that it’s true

And it’s all a question of 3 p’s and a q

Pie, pint, pudding

… and even a quiz too!

The fourth P – June 2020