I’ve had a lovely time with God this morning and feel prompted to share what he spoke into my life – so here goes

My thoughts this morning …

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my chair during lock down – praying, reading, writing, reflecting, knitting eating etc etc
In fact it’s getting harder to get up out of it- it’s comfortable, once my work for the day has been done there isn’t a lot to get up for and getting up becomes more and more of an effort.
What I’ve noticed is that because of this my energy levels are dropping. The habit of sitting slowly develops into an attitude of apathy which slowly takes root.
This is the way the enemy works, when life gets hard when the journey is up hill and the road is uncertain he offers us a welcoming Seat but the more we sit there and the longer we sit there the more time he has to overwhelm us with our burdens and his lies.

Burdens ask us to sit to stop to give up
Purpose asks you to stand to press on

Jesus calls us to join him, walk with him and he will carry our burdens, he will refresh us and he will show us how to build from our burdens instead of letting burdens build for us.
So I’m going to try and resist the invitation of the chair today
I’m going to stand
I’m going to press on and walk with purpose towards Jesus.

Blessings on you all