Pie Night

If you know anything about our Tristan, you will be aware of his love of food and his extraordinary ability to seek out and destroy anything put before him on a plate. However, he also has an amazing talent for finding great offers on food and drink.

One of his greatest successes was inventing  Pie Night..

On the first Thursday of each month at 7pm, the lads (“grumpy old men” largely) are to be found in the Bridge Inn for an event now popularly known as 3 P’s and a Q: pie, pint, pudding and quiz.

Our performance in the quiz ranges from average to abject, but we can be relied upon to put away pies and puddings with alacrity! By Christmas time we normally have amassed sufficient points to pay for a Christmas Dinner.

During the pandemic, inevitably we have been forced form the pub, but it should only be a matter of a short time before we can be can be back, unsocially distanced and where our skills are to the fore: eating and drinking. Whilst away, we have continued to offer up occasional Zoompie Nights and for our further amusement, one of our stalwart members has served up the “Pie Night Song”, telling of our exploits with the noble pie and currently standing at 12 verses, set to the tune of the ever-popular (with whom by the way?) song called “Superglue”.Pie Night – Bring it on !