Caring and Praying for One Another

Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another to show love and to do good.
Hebrews 4:24

Why care?

At Trinity Rawdon we believe that God calls us to care for one another, in the bad times and the good.

Caring can take many different forms, but it should not be confused with counseling. These are two fundamentally different things. We are not asking people to become counsellors or to become problem solvers for others. We are asking people to check that others are OK – that they have not been missing from our services or activities, and that when difficult situations arise people will pray for them and help in practical ways if they can.

So who is involved?

We have come to the understanding as a Church that caring for one another cannot lie solely with the Minister, but is the privilege and responsibility of every member. This way, we can offer care and prayer to every person.

How does this work?

In order to make sure that no-one is left out we have used three ‘Nets’ to make sure we support everyone.

NET ONE: The usual friendships that we build up in Church are important and these friends are usually the first people we go to if we need prayer or support.

NET TWO: Many of our congregation belong to a Life Group, where they have the opportunity to share with one another and to pray and support each other

NET THREE: In being a member of Trinity Church, Rawdon, you commit to being cared for and caring for others. You will have three people for whom you are asked to care and who will care for you; these people may be in your Life Group or be a friend. This is your care team.

In addition, you have four people that you will pray for; this is your prayer team.

A different four people will be praying for you! (hence the name 4 X 4). At any given time, you have three others caring for you and four others praying for you.

What if I am not good at caring?

There is no single model of what caring looks like; it is different for each person. Even though you may not see yourself as someone who can naturally do this, you may do a brilliant job.

However, it is not left up to you alone to provide care for anyone because three other people share that responsibility with you. The hope is that, with your different gifts and skills combined, that individual’s needs will be well covered.

But I am not a member?

Though you may not be a member yet, that does not mean that we forget you. There will be a small team of people who are actively making sure that no-one is left out and caring for those who are yet to make the decision on membership. We also encourage people to be part of a Life Group, where they will also be cared for, encouraged and prayed for.

Contact Helen or Derek if you would like to talk about becoming a member of the church.
What if I need to talk to someone about something?

Your first port of call would be one of the people in your care team. Alternatively, speak to someone with whom you feel comfortable in sharing the prayer need.

If you feel unable to do this, then please speak to one of the Ministers or someone on Leadership.