Be joyful in hope
Patient in affliction
Faithful in prayer
Romans 12:12

I am ashamed to confess that I am one of the most impatient people – ask my family. For example as soon as I pick up my needles to begin a new knitting project I can’t wait to get it finished to start the next project. During lockdown, my daughter Polly and I decided to try and get through our stash of wool. We want every scrap of yarn that we have packed into baskets and bags, on the shelves in our knitting corner to become knitted creations.

So here I am pushing myself to knit or crotchet presents, garments and bunnies to impatiently reach my goal. I even have my instagram picture planned for the day when a lonely stand of yarn lies at the bottom of my stash basket.

However, this morning as I was reflecting on my impatience, I realised that in my impatience I am robbing myself of the joy which the act of knitting brings me. The healing and peace which creating brings me. My impatience is not bringing peace, which is why I started knitting years ago, instead the expectations and the pressure that I put myself under has become a burden not a joy.

The same can be said of our walk with God. Sometimes we can become impatient, wanting our dreams and prayers to be answered now, rather than enjoying the hope, the joy and the faith of working with God. God hasn’t forgotten us, he has got this situation, he hears our cry – he just has a different perspective and his timing is different to ours – his timing is perfect.

So my prayer today is to remember that God has got this, God has got me. I am going to work on my patience, faith and trust to make space for peace and not panic. I will let go of the internal stopwatch frantically ticking away and enjoy the journey of walking by faith.

Be blessed and be a blessing