The new normal seems to have settled into our lives and made itself at home, so much so that I find it hard to imagine what my life looked like before lockdown. My life follows a new pattern and my role has been reshaped to work in such a time as this.

Ironically it is behind closed doors that I have learnt to be bolder, where I have learnt to face my fears, ignore poor behaviour and live by my mantra of grace, grace and more grace.

Every day I continue to ask the Lord how I can serve him, how I can be useful – how can I sow kingdom seeds when the usual fields cant be accessed. Some days I am greatly encouraged somedays not so.

This morning I am reminded that sowing kingdom seeds is my blessing and I should be grateful for the opportunity to be a blessing and that I must not allow the response of others harden my heart when I feel I have been taken for granted.

So my prayer today has grown and this day I ask the Lord to help me to give in such a way that brings joy anyway, a joy that comes from serving God and not through the response of others. To give, serve and to bless is our blessing, so join me today in asking the Lord to give us a generous heart because God always delights in those who love to be a blessing.