I often joke that my head is so full of knitting patterns I can’t fit any more information into it. But actually life can be like that can’t it? We carry so many burdens with us that we not only become weary, but we leave no room for the new – for the good stuff that God wants to bless us with.

In life we so often carry additional heavy and painful loads, things we don’t need to carry, things which restrict our life rather than enhance it. Things which cause us to suffer, which weigh so much our eyes are turned to the ground we trudge rather than up int the loving face of Jesus. God does not want us to be over burdened, Jesus says his burden is easy and his yoke is light.

As you journey with the Lord this week why not take time to stop, be still and in this place of quiet ask him to reveal the issues, the lies, the pain and bitterness that we carry and then ask him to take them from us, for this season is over and we needn’t carry them any longer. As we lay these things down in His strength and with His grace and forgiveness we make way for a new thing, something that will be a blessing to ourselves and others and He will fill that empty space with that which is easy and light to carry.

So this week be blessed and be a blessing!