It has been a really difficult week for the Lamberts, mainly due to the fact that we were due to fly to Uganda yesterday and we are all very disappointed we will have to wait another year now. But my time with God this morning really blessed me and I pray that what He revealed to me in my disappointment and sadness will bless you too.

My reading was from 1 Kings and it describes the generosity of the Queen of Sheba when she visits King Solomon, and how grateful he was for her gifts.

It is no coincidence then that I had been reflecting on gratitude this week, as my little friend Eve found my book of gratitude and started reading out loud from it. I had set myself a target of five a day – writing down five things in my book which I was grateful for, but to my shame it hadn’t been opened since January. I haven’t been very grateful recently. A lack of gratitude actually steals our joy, I recently read;
‘Gratitude is a seed that you cannot afford to withhold for when it is planted in your heart it is food for the soul.’

There is so much power in a simple thank you, it is such a blessing to know that a simple act of kindness is appreciated. I know that we don’t do things for praise or for thanks but when people fail to acknowledge what you have done for them it does hurt. I don’t know about you but I hate the thought of hurting God, I hate the thought of Him thinking I am ungrateful for all the blessings he heaps on me each day.

So this morning I opened my book of gratitude and wrote down five things that I wanted to thank God for because at the moment I really want to feed my soul. I want to always be alert to His blessings and I don’t want to ever miss the kindness of others. Thank you shouldn’t be something we just say but something we live by, being constantly aware of Gods goodness.

My prayer today is that I always have a mouth filled with gratitude, a heart filled with generosity and hands eager to serve.
Will you join me?
Be blessed and be a blessing