I have always loved the story of Joseph and his amazing dreams. He was a dreamer of big dreams, dreams which ended up antagonising his family and resulted in his brothers selling him into slavery and then imprisonment. The world tried to crush his dreams and break his spirit but from the prison cell he held onto Gods words and God’s promises. His faith and determination led to the most amazing conclusion where he became Pharaoh’s right hand man and saved Egypt from famine.

We often get caught in worldly prisons – each brick and bar built around us in the words of those who judge us and like to put us down. A wall which closes in and makes our lives smaller and smaller and our dreams gradually melt away from the jeers of critics and judges.

God gives us big dreams, he wants us to have big lives and he has amazing plans and purposes for us. It’s the world that wants to control us and keep those dreams from being a reality.

But we can fight against the critics because Jesus said; ‘greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world’. The world is only the builder if we let it – we have promises from the master builder, the cornerstone of our faith. So every time the voices of the world try and drown out the promises of God remember that we were created to bear fruit, to flourish and to grow. We have words of encouragement, promises of prosperity and the voice of truth to break down the walls that the world put around us so that we can live and enjoy a full and abundant life – birthing our dreams and bringing light into the world.