‘Jesus said:’   “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them”.

We are a Church which is rooted in prayer. At every Sunday service, in the Intercessions, we pray for situations abroad, at home and in our own community and Church family. For that is what we are – a family – held together by our faith in God. However, prayer does not begin or end there. Indeed it is a continuous process of being with and talking to God. Within our Life Groups, meeting at various times in the week, we seek to understand better the Bible, whilst addressing prayer needs in every sphere. Once a month we hold a Prayer Breakfast, where we follow a Celtic-style service of readings, followed by prayer and a simple breakfast. When there are urgent needs, we have embraced information technology in a very powerful way through the e-prayer chain. In addition to all this, we operate a 4 x 4 system of prayers for all members of the congregation (you can read about this elsewhere). Prayer is at the heart of all we do, together and as individuals and is an essential part of a developing relationship with God.

There may be moments in your lives when you require simply to share your burden and in such cases we are available to listen confidentially and perhaps assist in your reaching a solution to your troubles. Please let us know if you think we can help in any way here.


Someone to Pray for

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