Proverbs 12:18 – “There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” As Children of God, our tongues have a lot of power.

Over the past few weeks, amongst other things I have been having a great deal of pain in my tongue, It’s swollen, cracked and covered in white blisters which constantly sting and burn. Its incredible that such a small part of my body is causing me so much pain and discomfort.

The bible has much to say abut the power of the tongue. In this scripture we are warned to watch our words and be aware of the power our tongues have.
This morning in my quiet time I have been reflecting on the power of the tongue and confessing to God my shame when I have not used my tongue to bring healing or to show love. As someone who constantly verbalises what’s going on in my head – often with out thinking or meaning to I can hurt, discourage those I care about – I am so often unwise with my words and don’t stop and take the time to think before I speak.

Our words act as a lens which either shrink or widen the way we are seen in the world. If we constantly criticise ourselves (or others) and point our our flaws then that’s how others will start to see us that becomes our truth and the more we say we are fat or stupid or not good at things the more we believe it. I actually remember a time when I liked cooking and thought I was good at it, we used to invite people for meals every Saturday night. But something, I can’t remember what, some thought or word discouraged me – twenty years later I have convinced my self I can’t cook and as a result I hate cooking and fear people coming to our home for meals. I have caused that to happen. Words frame our world and frame how the world views us. When we declare negative things over ourselves or others we are actually reinforcing what the enemy wants us to see and believe about ourselves.

Words can build up or they can destroy, they can hurt or they can inspire. Words can be like spears which pierce the heart and take root in our memories and can sometimes shape who we become.

we must learn to be wise with our words, to use them to bring healing, to show love, to build one another up, to offer comfort and share wisdom.
My prayer today is that I would intentionally think about my words and ask God to guide me to words of love so that my lens will widen the way I see myself and my world.